Combined control is possible with KNX, the worldwide standard for all applications in building control which includes Home Automation. This means lighting and motorised blinds, security systems and curtains, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, alarming, water control, energy monitoring, metering, household appliances, audio and home cinema can all be integrated with KNX - this means an app on your phone or tablet will control EVERYTHING - now that truly is the ‘Internet of Things‘, here and now!

Intelligent heating, cooling and ventilation control can maintain unoccupied rooms at a holding temperature a few degrees below comfort level until someone enters then increase the temperature whilst the room is occupied.

Room thermostats in each heating / cooling zone can provide detailed control information to intelligently adjust the temperature in a zone using a ‘control setpoint‘ system to prevent wide temperature fluctuations and save energy.

Lighting scenes and blinds or curtains can be programmed to create different moods or effects in a room. For instance, at one touch of a button the lights could dim, curtains close and your movie start on your home cinema system.

Multi room audio controlled from a computer, iPad or from wall stations allow the whole house to have the same music throughout or listen to different music in different rooms. Ceiling or wall mounted recessed speakers can provide an unobtrusive installation with high quality sound.